What is Brand Bidding and Negative Match

20 Jan 2010 Steve

Welcome back to the first of the posts for 2010 on Affiiliate Doctors. Apologies for the lack of updates recently, however, we are now back in ...

WordPress – Every Affiliate’s Friend

19 Oct 2009 Steve

Steve wrote in recently unsure as to whether Wordpress is the best platform for smaller niche sites with limited products: "Wordpress seems to be the hot ...

Promoting Products Outside the Affiliate Channel

06 Oct 2009 Steve

Paul wrote in recently to ask the docs a question that I know has crossed my mind once or twice before: what do you do ...

EnviroGadget Surgery Review

21 Sep 2009 Steve

Welcome to the first post from Round 2 of the Affiliate Doctor reviews. First up is a Surgery review of Dan Harrison's EnviroGadget site. Dan started the ...

Mixed Martial Arts

04 Aug 2009 Steve

As we near the end of the first round of site surgeries, Steve sent in his mixed martial arts enthusiast site for review and asked the following: "I have ...

Badge Freaks – Should I Blog?

20 Jul 2009 Steve

Following on from last week's Surgery review of Mike's Guiders.co.uk site, we cover his second question in this short post about BadgeFreaks.com - a site ...

Cheap Life Insurance Blog

07 Jul 2009 Steve

John recently sent in a submission to the site surgery to ask the docs if they could have a look at his blog.  Operating in the ...

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