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Chris Frost, like many affiliates, is brimming with ideas, over flowing with thoughts, yet pushed for time to implement everything … he never did get round to developing a sure fire money making site – Moldovian Clogs!

As director of Coldsnail Ltd, he manages over twenty websites that cover a huge variety of subjects including Lingerie, Gadgets, Mobile Phones and Days Out and has seasonal/vertical websites focusing on  Book Price Comparisons, Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day etc..

Chris is an old timer, having been involved in affiliate marketing since 2000.  He’s seen it change considerably and has found himself having to adapt as time’s gone by.  Having once been Google and MS Adcenter qualified, he now finds himself focusing on, and being passionate about, content driven websites.

One such website is Gadget Awards.  The domain (bought 4 years ago) has laid dormant until earlier this year. There are now almost daily reviews of the latest gadgets and gizmos, focusing on those that have appeared on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show.  The content is unique, regular and provides (via Easy Content Units) a list of online stockists providing the cheapest prices.

If the outdoors are more to your liking, then another of Chris’ sites The Outdoors, should prove useful.  Reviews of National Trust properties (yes he’s reached that age where he thinks a National Trust Memebership is cool), current weather conditions and location maps, help draw readers in and provide them with a “unique user experience” that we continue to hear Google churn out.

Although Chris spends a lot of time and effort managing his websites, he also has a full time job as Global Service Lead for Hewlett Packard. This variance from website management offers him the diversity he has come to appreciate and expect from his numerous projects. He doesn’t consider it a 9-5 daily grind and the day he does, he plans to either quit this job and pursue affiliate marketing full time, or take a complete change in direction and move away from IT altogether.

When Chris isn’t working, he can usually be found travelling to some foreign country, SCUBA diving, whacking golf balls or quietly, almost ashamedly, supporting Tranmere Rovers.  To chillax, he’ll bang out a tune on the Piano having learned from the age of 6, or can be found taking up his new passion Photography.

One piece of advice that Chris continues to give to all new affiliates is to create a website based on something you enjoy personally.  By doing so, you’ll find yourself focusing more on content rather than £’s that can be generated. It will be less of a chore to keep updated and you will most probably learn and it should be less of a chore.

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