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Clarke is a Director at Affiliate Marketing Company UK Internet Sites Ltd set up by himself and Graeme Sandwell in 2000.  He is also a Director at the Affiliate Network Paid On Results Ltd that he co-founded in 2003.

Clarke started his online career in 1996, having set-up his first site for a pop band 911 (don’t ask) and in the following year started the website Free UK Stuff (on free space without a domain, crazy), and got involved in Affiliate Marketing in ‘97 via USA Hosting company Adgrafix (who later went on to be  At that time it was very much a part time venture as he was still working at Virgin Megastores (1st job since he left school at 17).

Clarke is a member of Nominet, the .uk domain name registry, since 1997 and his online digital marketing career has seen him working as an Affiliate with every UK Affiliate Network and some USA ones, getting involved in PPC back when it kicked off with Goto, has been a top Espotting Affiliate, as well as an editor for Dmoz.  He is very interested in all things Affiliate and has over 25 sites live across different sectors.  As you can imagine, understanding SEO, domains and hosting plays a key role in seeing them succeed online and he shares some tips and information at his Affiliate Marketing Blog.

Asked why he got involved in online marketing Clarke said “I do it because I enjoy it, especially Affiliate Marketing.  It’s probably the best way to market your products online yet still overlooked, albeit not as much as back in the days when you would say ‘Affiliate’ and get completely blank looks ;-)”.

Away from business, Clarke is a father, husband; amateur photographer (with professional gear), enjoys using Twitter, is addicted to his iPhone and plays the odd online game.  You can find out more at his Personal website

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