Dan Barker

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Dan Barker loves the web and loves helping people improve what they’re trying to do online.

Over the last 15 years he has built various sites from scratch and managed several others.  The biggest site he managed did $8-figures a month.  Many others have done £0 a month!

Across that time, Dan has worked variously as a systems admin, dba, designer, developer, email copywriter, campaign manager, e-marketing manager, e-commerce manager, sandwich maker, shoe salesman, and many things inbetween.  Some of it freelance, some agency work, much for online merchants.

He has a first class software degree, a post-grad certificate in digital marketing, is a google advertising pro and a member of the institute of direct marketing.  He has variously studied photography, creative writing, journalism, data for marketing, and IT law.

Today, Dan works as e-commerce manager for 2 of the UK’s loveliest arts, crafts & toy merchants.  He also helps friends with various sites, has a few of his own, and very occasionally dabbles as an affiliate.

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