Dom Hodgson

Site Editor

Hi, I’m Dom Hodgson (or The Hodge)

Steve has been moaning at me for weeks about giving you a bio so I’m going to lift the ‘about me’ from my blog…

I own Hodgetastic
I run Think Visibility
I’m a writer for
I’m an editor for Affiliate Doctors
I’m an award winning singer & songwriter
I’m a moderator on Affiliates4u forum
I have been interviewed on Radio 4!
I’m half of the PadAddicts Podcast
I have a microblog with snippets of conversation from our office
I’ve won awards at time limited coding events –  Charity Hack (1st Prize), Warblecamp (1st Prize), Charity Hack 2010 (1st Prize)
I spend far to much time lurking on Reddit & Hacker News
I’ve created  or being involved with Magic Combos,, Saturday Lottery Results and Tweet Trumps
A few years ago I started
I’ve spoken at a few events over the past few years (and I’m always open to new things)
I’ve organised and attended many of the UK barcamps
I’m an avid player of TF2 & Starcraft
I have a strange obsession with the music of Busted
I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Lanyrd

Any questions?

Didn’t think so… you’re probably still watching the YouTube video of me singing… get back to work.

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