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John “Lammo” Lamerton has been an affiliate since the day dot … erm I mean since the year 2000, having built up such a hatred for his job as a Civil Servant that as he was spending his working day dreaming of doing something else (anything else!), the newspapers were full of the squillions of pounds that 22 year old blokes like John were making from their bedrooms thanks to the Internet – such wonderful enterprises as, and were getting all the headlines. It seemed all you had to do in order to have a net worth of several million pounds in late 1999/early 2000 was think of a word (or add two random words together), stick .com on the end of it, and Hey Presto! Instant Riches!

John soon found out that this wasn’t strictly the case, as he bought up some rubbish domains for stupid amounts of money. He then also realised that he knew nothing about building a website. Just a couple of minor hurdles then. Undeterred (remember that was a truly lousy job he was doing!), John taught himself a little web design, cobbled together a website and started spamming newsgroups and forums, awaiting the call from the FTSE 100 begging him to choose them over the Nasdaq.

Which didn’t quite happen. What did happen is John battled on, finally earning his first cheque after nine months of working 3 hours a day on his affiliate site on top of the Day Job. It was for £13.51. John was unsure whether to cash it or frame it. Cash it he did, and he then got lucky – affiliate programs came along, and before you knew it, John had given up the Day Job and became one of the first full-time affiliates in the UK.

Fast forward 9 years, and John’s still a full-time affiliate. He’s not very good at PPC, rubbish at SEO, and still knows next to nothing about web design, so he prefers to outsource and automate his affiliate activities: as someone who managed to put in 100 hour weeks for nearly 5 years, John is now a keen preacher of a good work/life balance. He also preaches a load of rubbish over at his blog, and is the founder of Easy Content Units, the UK’s first fully customisable, multi-network content unit system.

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