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Mark is managing director of Existem Affiliate Management, and has been in affiliate marketing for 6 years. Mark started out working for Big Idea Media back in 2003 tasked with increasing awareness and profitability of their network of affiliate websites. In 2006 Mark set up Existem Affiliate Management with the belief that a good quality and honest affiliate management company was required in the affiliate marketing industry.

Mark has for a long time been a very active member and moderator on the A4U industry forum, helping people to understand the industry better. Mark can also be found doing presentations at industry events and network seminars.

Existem Affiliate Management consists of a very honest hard working team that includes Bruce Clayton (Operations Manager), Hannah Swift (Senior Account Manager) and Martin Hart (Account Support Assistant). The team has one of the best all round understandings of the industry due to Mark having worked as an affiliate, Bruce at a network and Hannah as a merchant.

Existem Affiliate Management has won the A4u award for management agency of the year in both 2007 and 2008.

Existem Affiliate Management strives to maximise the success of merchants from affiliate marketing. We endeavour to provide honest and timely advice and transparent commercial relationships with our clients. We recognise when something works and will not seek to perform unnecessary work or changes on behalf of clients. We aim to provide quality services our clients require on schedule.

By working with Existem Affiliate Management clients get a growth in the sales from affiliate marketing and also an increased awareness of the affiliate campaign.

If you have any questions which you feel Mark may be able to help you with, please let us know.

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