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Steve is a part-time affiliate and relative newcomer to the industry, and so the affiliate marketing CV is a little light!  However, Steve’s interests in the net began in 1999/2000 when through contacts made at First Tuesday, he assembled a team of like minded individuals and came very close to securing angel funding for a start up in the gadget sector.  Alas, it was not to be as fever died and fell out of favour … possibly a blessing in disguise with the ensuing ‘bubble burst’.

Never one to give up, and with a love of all things net, Steve started to take an interest in affiliate marketing around 2007.  Sectors and areas of interest include niche retail marketing, online gaming, scuba, gadgets and domaining.

Growing tired at the amount of misinformation and drivel that often awaits newcomers to affiliate marketing, he set up to help new and existing affiliates gain access to a panel of experts with different skillsets from blogging and SEO to design, copywriting, PPC and social media.

Steve’s only regret – not keeping an eye on affiliate marketing from 2000 onwards!

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