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May 7, 2009 Steve

frank-largeFrank is a fulltime SEO professional and Google expert with SEO contracts for a number of major UK Blue Chip Companies.  He has achieved some of the top Google results in the UK for some of the most competitive industries including loans, dieting, finance and a number of retail sectors.  Frank is one of the top performing UK affiliates for companies such as Travel Lodge and Welcome Finance, and his most recent project, www.underwear.co.uk was launched in March and is tipped to be a market dominator.
As a prolific domainer, Frank has over 1000 websites and domains in his portfolio with some of the best premium domains in the UK.  Juggling a hectic work and family life, Frank describes himself as a workaholic whose entreprenurial spirit and drive have enabled him to succeed in both life and business.
Frank’s specialties are SEO, Internet Marketing and Domaining.
Welcome on board Frank.

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