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July 7, 2009 Steve

John recently sent in a submission to the site surgery to ask the docs if they could have a look at his blog.  Operating in the highly competitive financial market, John has decided to focus on one specific area – cheap life insurance.



Hosted on Google’s own blogging platform, Blogger, he started it off in May of this year and wanted some help with the following questions:

“This is a great idea.  Thank you!

At present, I am trying to use article marketing to make affiliate sales.  I have placed several articles on to to drive traffic to my blog at This then encourages people to visit the merchant website – Jump Life Insurance.

I would be grateful to know:

1. Traffic from the articles is relatively low.  How can I increase it dramatically?

2. The traffic comes mainly from the USA.  How can I increase traffic from the UK?

3. What could I do to improve my blog landing page?

4. What do you think about the strategy I am using?  Be honest – I can take it!

5. What is the best strategy for making sales as an affiliate?  I’d be interested know what model works best.  I know it might be difficult, but could you supply an example of successful affiliate campaign?

I look forward to hearing from you.  Good luck in your new venture.  We newbie’s need you!”

Here’s what Kieron, Lammo and Kier had to say: 


Kieron Donoghue

1. Article marketing is largely ineffective and a very poor way of marketing your site. I would suggest dropping this form of marketing altogether.

2. As above, stop using article marketing on US sites. Concentrate on the UK instead.

3. Create a custom template so it stands out and add more content. At the moment you have 1 blog post and that’s all, yours is possibly the most “thin” affiliate site I have ever seen.

4. Your strategy is pointless. As I said above article marketing is ineffective. Your site is nothing more than 1 blog post and adds no value to anyone. Instead create a site you will be proud of and offers genuinely useful advice and content to users – and lots of it.

5. Too broad a question. The best strategy is to build a site about something you have an interest or knowledge of. That way you can become an authority in that sector and position yourself as an expert. Write lots and lots of quality engaging content and work hard. Oh and don’t use spammy keyword stuffed domains like yours. Finally, don’t chase the money, follow your passion.


John LamertonWow John – do you think you’ve got enough hyphens in that blog address? Seriously, something with that many hyphens in it looks spammy, and even your average joe public guy surfing the net gets turned off by it – get yourself a decent domain name for a few quid a year, and point it at your blog (masking the url of course!) or even better, install WordPress on it and host it yourself.

As I look at the “site” now, you created it nearly a month ago, made one post and haven’t done anything with it since. To me, that’s a thinly veiled spammy site, and one that has no longevity in this Industry. Believe me, I’ve been there, created crappy landing pages that have made money, but that was 5 years ago, and it’s a damn sight harder to do that now.

The content you’ve written is actually pretty good, but there’s far too little of it. Nowadays, I’m building sites that are contain hundreds of pages, and hundreds of thousands of words of unique, hand-written content. It’s not easy, and it takes a hell of a long time to pay off, but these are sites that will still be going strong in 5 or even 10 years time. I have a feeling that won’t be (at least in its current incarnation). If you really are passionate about writing about financial products, then flesh out the site – blog daily, even if it’s about stuff that isn’t going to earn you any money – gain a loyal following, and in time you will gain trust and be able to make a killing when you DO post something that makes you money – think Martin Lewis! 


Kier MarstonHi John.

To answer your questions:

1. Write more articles :-) Submit them to more article sites. There are hundreds out there and there are various pieces of software, websites and paid services to do the submissions for you. You can also get software to ‘spin’ the articles so that they appear more unique to the search engines.

2. Try and focus your content more on the UK market. But don’t ignore that US traffic! Geotarget your ads and show relevant US merchants to those visiting from the states.

3. I was unable to view your landing page when writing this so unfortunately can’t offer much detailed advice. I would say however that you’d be well served by moving over to a domain name that you own and control the hosting for so that your visitors don’t have the same experience I did!

4. Writing articles to drive traffic alone is going to be somewhat labour intensive if you ever want to make a decent income. I would be focusing on building up your own rankings for natural traffic. Articles can help with this by including links with your choice of anchor text, but you are likely to find a market such as life insurance a bit tough, so maybe find some other less competitive niches and work on them at the same time as this one.

5. There is no one way to make money as an affiliate that stands out above all others. Lots of newbies do well with small, niche content sites. These don’t take too long to build in terms of time or money, and as such, if they don’t work it’s no big loss, but if they do then you can expand in the niche and also keep building others. Smingle and Affi on the a4uforum have lots of threads giving advice on this strategy. As you’re already working with an actual site and content writing as opposed to paid search I’d advise considering this.


Steve KennyThanks for sending in your site for review and the thumbs up on Affiliate Doctors, hope it’s given you a few pointers. Just to add, at the time of checking your affiliate link to Jump Life Insurance sent me through to a 404 – don’t forget to keep an eye on the links you’re using.  It is a VERY competitive market to tackle (think moneysupermarket etc.), but if you are determined to give it a go, you mention that you have 20 years experience in Financial Services, so at least you have an interest in the field.  Having had a quick squizz at your profile, it looks like you’ve set up a couple of other financially related pages on Blogger; perhaps have a think about how you could amalgamate things into one blog. If anything in here has put you off the idea, there are loads of niche areas you could focus on, and as Kier said, check out Smingle’s (Frank Paul) post on the A4U forum.

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3 Responses to “Cheap Life Insurance Blog”

  1. Hi everyone,

    Many thanks for your detailed feedback on the strategy I was trying. The conclusion that I have reached is that the approach I was using on writing articles to drive traffic to a single landing page just will not cut the mustard. The overwhelming opinion from the doctors is to build a quality website with great content and obtain traffic from the search engines naturally.

    Newbies everywhere please note this advice! Many places on the internet are recommending this “article marketing” idea but it seems to me that it will not work by itself. It has a place in helping with obtaining links for search engine optimisation but it is not enough by itself.

    I really hope that people will benefit from the Affiliate Doctors’ feedback and that it helps them put their efforts into the right areas. There are no shortcuts, folks.

    I am going to change my approach entirely. Thank you Affiliate Doctors for the feedback and excellent advice!

    Kind regards,

    John Higgins

  2. You’re welcome John, and thanks for sending in your site for review.

    Best of luck with the rethink, let us know how you get on.

  3. Hi John,

    Personally i would invest in a new domain as in my opinion free blog domains can put users off – if you are seriously investing time in this cheap hosting and a domain name would be a good idea.

    Also you have to think what people looking for life insurance want, the majority will want some info explaining what life insurance is and what the different types are – they will normally then want a cheap quote.

    In my experience the best way to get a site such as this to make money is to host your own form – see as an example. I havent finished it yet but it has a form on each landing page to encourage users to get a quote, it will also have the latest life insurance news and guides to keep google interested.

    I’m not expecting it to make a fortune but I think in the life insutrance market this kind of site will encourage more visitors to get quotes and make money than a standard blog style site.

    Hope this helps


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