How to Find New Offers

November 11, 2009 Steve

Fizz wrote in and would like to know how an affiliate can stay one step ahead of the pack with new offers from affiliate programmes:

“How do you find out new offers with companies on affiliate programmes before anyone else? Where do you look for this?



Here’s what Mark and Kirsty had to say:


Mark RussellCheck emails from merchants, build up a relationship with networks, merchants, and agencies and check out the network and agency blogs as well as the affiliates4u forum.


Kirsty McCubbinPersonally, I’m not sure I’ve ever found out about much in the way of new offers before anyone else.  I do keep a keen eye on TV programmes and newspapers to see what they are talking about and also try to encourage merchants I’m already working with to give me the nod about any new developments coming up that they think I could do something with.

In my own experience though, I don’t benefit from being first past the post with promotion – I benefit from making sure I do a darned good and thorough job, covering all possible angles someone might want to search from when looking for the offer or hot product I’ve identified.  More often than not, my competitors have taken the lazy way out and have chosen a very obvious way to target potential customers.  By thinking about things thoroughly I regularly find massive galloping big tracts of untapped search terms that bear revenue.  This means I get some lovely cheap PPC traffic, some easy organic traffic, and gain some margin to channel back into competing aggressively with the people doing the obvious.

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2 Responses to “How to Find New Offers”

  1. This is a good question and one that I’m sure many affiliates, especially those new to the industry, often ask themselves.

    At Affiliate Window we try to make it as easy as possible for affiliates to access information about our merchant offers and so we created a bespoke Offers Blog ( where merchants could upload all their latest & greatest promotional activity. Affiliates can pick up an RSS feed for the whole site or for their most relevant categories, ensuring they hear about current promotional opportunities as they launch.

    With Christmas being a particularly busy time of year we also created AWinter Wonderland – (, a one-stop-shop for affiliates promoting AW merchants over the festive period. It has details on all the available banners, codes, deals & offers as well as top-seller information and details on how affiliates can win with AW right across the peak season.

    We actively encourage our merchants to engage with their affiliates on a regular basis and are constantly developing new tools to allow better communication and in turn build stronger relationships. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions as to how we can improve our existing toolset we’d love to hear your ideas, simply drop us a line.

    Sam Surry, Head of Communications, Affiliate Window

  2. Hi Sam, thanks for your comment.

    Great to hear from one of the big networks and receive some added input, and appreciate you taking the time to come and talk about Affiliate Window.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it, Kieron covered the Affiliate Window Christmas Incentive on his blog.

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