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July 2, 2010 Steve

Chris is a very well known and respected affiliate who has been involved in the Affiliate Marketing industry for the last decade. Hailing from the other side of the River Mersey, the self-penned ‘plastic scouser’ began his journey into AM in 2001, when he set about listing freebies from internet companies to raise some extra cash after redundancy from Cadbury’s, and to learn new PHP & mySQL skills. Several reviews later from magazines, newspapers, TV and radio and Chris’ site was attracting upwards of 70,000 unique visitors a month.

Roll on 9 years and Chris now operates a number of businesses spanning gadgets, lingerie, seasonal gifts, the great outdoors and mobile phones, with his company generating around £3m in sales for a number of household brands.

What makes Chris unique is that he has managed to build up his affiliate businesses whilst holding down a very demanding job with Hewlett-Packard – a job that he still enjoys and successfully combines with his passion for affiliate marketing to this very day.

A stickler for detail, Chris was one of the harder Docs to please when it came to getting his caricature right.  This first attempt was promptly rejected when Chris confirmed that he now sports the smooth look:

A keen photographer, scuba diver and supporter of Tranmere Rovers, Chris also enjoys doing his bit for “charidee”. Often found competing in numerous 10k events around the country, Chris has managed to raise over £5,500 for UK charities and talks others into joining his Kiva team, lending $9,500 to businesses in third world countries (new members welcome http://www.kiva.org/team/affiliates).

An active member on the A4U forum, Chris is known to speak his mind, but enjoys helping other affiliates and sharing his knowledge. Not wishing to list any particular area of expertise, Chris has a wealth of experience across the board including PPC, SEO, advising new merchants, General AM stuff, yet is always open to, and often seeks, others suggestions and critique.

We look forward to hearing some insights from Chris over the coming months.

Welcome on board Frostie.

Frostie’s Bio

P.S. Cheers for the artwork Matt ;)

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One Response to “Welcome to Chris Frost”

  1. Cheers Steve :)

    Look forward to offering my advice and suggestions in the future, and still pick up some useful hints and tips from others. Love the pic of me with hair… takes me back to the days….

    Also a quick thanks to everyone who sent me “congrats, ’bout bloody time & good luck” tweets

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