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October 5, 2009 Steve

Joanna ButlerJoanna is a one time ‘Horse Whisperer’ turned ‘Google Whisperer’ (aka SEO consultant) based in London.  Originally from Nottingham, Joanna started off her online career in web design & development where she spent 8 years honing her skills and developing an eventual passion for online marketing.  3 years later, she made the break into SEO as a full time consultant, and now spends most of her time working with clients at one of London’s leading digital marketing agencies. 

Joanna’s key strengths are in SEO, analytics and online marketing strategies.  A regular speaker at a number of key industry seminar and networking events, Joanna enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge as part of her mission to be an all round ‘online marketing evangelist’. 

When she’s not taming the Google beast, Joanna indulges her life long passion for horses and riding, and confesses that her ideal holiday would involve working on a ranch.  Partial to a good read of a programming book, she also enjoys reconstructing her PC and has recently started to flirt with Macs.  Taking inspiration from Danny Wallace’s “Yes Man”, Joanna’s move to London is fuelled by many a regular jaunt to explore what her new home town has to offer, indulging her other passion, photography. 

To read more about Joanna’s thoughts on SEO and all things online, pop on over to her blog at Search Engine Chocolate.  As an ‘SEO chick’ in an industry predominantly occupied by men, it gives us great pleasure in welcoming Joanna to the Affiliate Doctor panel. 

Welcome on board Joanna.

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