Do I Outsource Link Building and Content

18 Sep 2009 Steve

Today’s question comes from Stuart who wrote in with a general question about link building and content writing. “Hi. I would like to say what a great ...

PPC with The Clickbank Code

10 Sep 2009 Steve

Darren wrote in to ask the following question about using PPC with The Clickbank Code: "I have just started in affiliate marketing and love the concept. ...

Bingo and Finance Suggestions

08 Sep 2009 Steve

Brad wrote in recently with the following two questions related to the content and layout of his general finance and bingo sites:  "1) How can I make ...

Quickfire Q&A 1: H1 Tags, Link Cloaking, Link Text

28 Aug 2009 Steve

Some of the questions we received from the first round were relatively short answer questions, so I have decided to post these in a slightly ...

Duplicate Content – Whoa there Leslie!

26 Aug 2009 Steve

So finally we get down to the last few Clinic reviews from the first round at Affiliate Doctors.  The docs are busy finishing off the ...

PPC on a Limited Budget

22 Jul 2009 Steve

Following on from the How Much Cash For PPC Clinic review, Keith sent in a very similar question about the level of budget you should allow when ...

Badge Freaks – Should I Blog?

20 Jul 2009 Steve

Following on from last week's Surgery review of Mike's site, we cover his second question in this short post about - a site ...

How Much Cash for PPC?

30 Jun 2009 Steve

And so it's time to post the first of our Clinic Q&A's.  The first one comes from someone that would like to know a bit ...

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