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January 28, 2010 Steve

Clarke is “The Codfather of Affiliate Marketing” and one of the very first pioneers to embrace it many moons ago in 1997.  Based in Glasgow with his wife and children, Clarke has pretty much seen it, done it and bought the proverbial t-shirt many, many times over.  With extensive experience in all aspects of Affiliate Marketing, Clarke is a seasoned entrepreneur with a number of successful businesses to his name as both an Affiliate and an Affiliate Network Director.  Clarke is also an active member of Nominet UK and attends meetings where he tries to ensure that the voice of the Affiliate is heard.

His first venture into the world of the Internet began in 1996 when he set up a site for the pop band 911!  After a year of designing websites for other companies, his career saw the shift into Affiliate Marketing in 1997 where he cut his teeth marketing web hosting through the affiliate channel.  Three years later, Clarke teamed up with Graeme Sandwell to set up UK Internet Sites Ltd.  Together, they launched a large number of successful affiliate sites in market sectors as diverse as competitions and freebies to gadgets and swimwear to name but a few.  With a firm grasp on the affiliate channel, the dynamic duo went on to launch their very own Affiliate Network in 2003, Paid On Results, which to date boasts 149 merchants and 20,900+ affiliates spanning no less than 22+ different market sectors.

Clarke is widely regarded as one of the pioneers who inspired and mentored many of today’s successful affiliates.  When Mark Boyd interviewed the candidates shortlisted for the Affiliate Marketing Blog of 2009 in the A4U Awards, several of them credited Clarke as the most influential person to have helped them on their way.  To quote Affiliate Doc, Lammo, “if it hadn’t have been for Clarke Duncan, I would probably still be a Civil Servant today”.

Outside of work and Affiliate Marketing conferences (where he has a penchant for candle theft ;)), Clarke enjoys Photography, World of Warcraft and his beloved iPhone.  In fact, during his spare time he can often be found hanging around Glasgow Airport; he claims this is because his son likes to watch the planes take off, but we all know he’s really waiting for the next baggage handler/terrorist scuffle so he can sell the photos to the newspapers!

Interesting fact about Clarke: He is physically unable to smile in photographs without giving a “double thumbs up” gesture!

Anecdotes aside, it’s a great honour to have Clarke join the panel of Affiliate Doctors and we look forward to seeing some great insights.

Welcome on board Clarke.

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  2. The phrase “I’m not a doctor but I will have a damn good look at it for you” spring to mind.

    Looking at the doctors list now is like Crimewatch’s reunion of the most wanted from yesteryears.

    Hope the salary is good and if you get to drink with Al Carlton, that makes it all worth while.

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