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My online journey began as a school boy hacking my school computer network and trying to do what others could not do with a computer. My first interaction online was with bulletin boards before the WWW really kicked off, my time was spent learning how to crack software and listen in to police frequencies – not sure why I wanted to do this, but I suppose it was because people my age couldn’t do.

As soon as I had my AOL account (on my Nan’s credit card) I began publishing content to the internet and creating basic websites and scripts to prevent my younger brothers and sisters from accessing my PC (Compaq 386 50Mhz – run Doom not much else).

I quickly discovered that what was the point of creating a website if no one visited?, so began spamming the keyword and title tag of my websites and realised through monitoring my AW stats – it worked! Next was to convert the traffic I had into money. I created my first two websites which were both payday loan focussed, I then had 2 websites that were making me £70 a day in ads and lead sales as opposed to the £12 a week my friends were earning as a paperboy.

Years later, many tests, mistakes and lots of forum reading I created and sold the largest online Nintendo Wii community. I developed my hobby in SEO whilst working as a MCSE engineer before joining my first agency.

I now work full-time as an corporate SEO consultant at leading SEO agency Ayima, working alongside some of the most talented SEO’s in the world on FTSE and Nasdaq listed companies.

I run a number of affiliate and lead websites which means I have little time to blog at (good excuse) – but enjoy helping others with site reviews and suggestions on driving traffic to websites.

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