Al Carlton

Blogging | SEO | Outsourcing

Al Carlton has been making a living online for the past 3 years.  His portfolio of sites is diverse, including a blog network, forums, directories ...

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Carl Hendy

SEO | General | Domainer

My online journey began as a school boy hacking my school computer network and trying to do what others could not do with a computer. ...

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Chris Clarkson

General | Affiliate Programme

Chris is the Marketing Director for, which involves SEO and the Affiliate Programme.  He is also a Director of Title Tags Ltd, ...

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Chris Frost

SEO | PPC | General

Chris Frost, like many affiliates, is brimming with ideas, over flowing with thoughts, yet pushed for time to implement everything … he never did get ...

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Clarke Duncan

AM | SEO | General

Clarke is a Director at Affiliate Marketing Company UK Internet Sites Ltd set up by himself and Graeme Sandwell in 2000.  He is also a ...

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Dan Barker

Analytics | PPC | Merchant

Dan Barker loves the web and loves helping people improve what they're trying to do online. Over the last 15 years he has built various sites ...

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Dom Hodgson

Site Editor

Hi, I'm Dom Hodgson (or The Hodge) Steve has been moaning at me for weeks about giving you a bio so I'm going to lift the ...

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Elaine Forth

General | SEO | Merchant

I created my own website in 1999 and stumbled on Affiiate marketing around 2002.  In 2005 we ventured into the retail market, selling kids bedding ...

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Frank Paul

SEO | General | Domainer

Frank is the Managing Director of Smingle Ltd whom specialise in first class Search Engine Optimisation and list some very high profile companies amongst their ...

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Joanna Butler

SEO | Analytics | Strategist

Joanna is a full time SEO and online marketing consultant currently based in London, UK.  She's been immersed in the online world for over 11 ...

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John Lamerton

General | Blogging | Content

John "Lammo" Lamerton has been an affiliate since the day dot ... erm I mean since the year 2000, having built up such a hatred ...

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Kier Marston

Affiliate Network

I grew up in Lewisham in South London where there are two basic ways out of the ghetto - music or crime. Being a generally up ...

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Kieron Donoghue

General | SEO | Blogging

Kieron Donoghue has been involved in Affiliate Marketing for the last 10 years and is the Director of UK Offer Media. As well as operating ...

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Kirsty McCubbin

PPC | Copywriting | SEO

I’ve been a full time affiliate for over 6 years.  My route into affiliate marketing was via a tenure at an SEO and paid search agency, ...

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Mark Boyd

PPC | SEO | General

I am currently in my final year of a marketing degree at University in Aberdeen.  I have been lucky enough to be able to fund ...

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Mark Russell

Affiliate Agency

Mark is managing director of Existem Affiliate Management, and has been in affiliate marketing for 6 years. Mark started out working for Big Idea Media ...

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Patrick Altoft

SEO | Blogging | General

Patrick is Director of Search at Branded3, a Leeds based full service digital agency specialising in search engine optimisation and social media marketing as well ...

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Shane Robinson

PPC | General | SEO

Shane first went online in 1999 with ambitions of being a web designer or programmer.  He soon found out that he lacked both design flair ...

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Steve Kenny

Site Editor

Steve is a part-time affiliate and relative newcomer to the industry, and so the affiliate marketing CV is a little light!  However, Steve’s interests in ...

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