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September 18, 2009 Steve

Today’s question comes from Stuart who wrote in with a general question about link building and content writing.


I would like to say what a great idea this site is …

Questions:  I’ll start by saying I understand SEO, but an element that I am struggling with is link building, not in terms of how they should be obtained but more in terms of actually gaining the links.  In an ideal world I would outsource this to Kieron at Content Now or similar companies, the problem I have right now is I don’t have the funds available, due to personal circumstances.

I would also increase the amount of content I have at the same time in turn helping to attract links.  Where do I go from here, I really need to outsource regular content and link building, maybe there is a partner out there for rev share or investment in time?”



Kieron DonoghueNot really sure what your question is? If you don’t have the budget to outsource link building and content writing then simply do it yourself. Link building is nothing complex, simply email sites of a similar theme to yours and ask them to exchange links.


Kier MarstonHi Stuart.

It sounds like you’re a new affiliate, so I’m guessing the scale of your business probably wouldn’t justify the costs of outsourcing for linkbuilding and content writing. You may be able to find a fellow affiliate who will engage in a joint venture with you in return for a rev share, but this can have its own complications.

I’d suggest you may be better served by reading up more on link building and just getting in there and having a go, as it sounds like you’re a bit wary of this currently and see outsourcing as the solution. Once you’ve built up the revenues on your site to a decent level, you should be able to outsource at least content writing initially at a reasonable cost if you shop around.

Link building is more skilled and so without a decent budget, you may find it tough to get good results, so for the time being just give it a go and see what you can achieve on your own steam.

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