How do I ask a question?

Simple.  Visit the Ask a Doctor page and fill out the contact form.  Please specify whether it is a question for the Clinic or a site submission for the Surgery.

What information do I need to give?

Clinic Questions

If it’s a general question, fire away!  Try to keep your question to the point and where possible, put it into context with the situation if it’s related to a real life problem.

Surgery Submissions

When submitting your site to the Surgery, please provide as much background information as possible. You may submit your site ‘as is’ for a general review, but it will be far more useful to you (and the readers) if you provide the background and any specific problems you may be experiencing.

How long does it take?

Affiliatedoctors.com will not be running to a strict timetable, and answers to questions will be posted on a continual basis. Questions are submitted, collated and then answered by the doctors for posting into the Clinic or Surgery. Remember Take Hart?! Well think of it as a bit like ‘The Gallery’ – we can’t feature everyone, but will try and answer as many questions as possible. Please allow a minimum of two weeks.

Tip: don’t forget to search the site to see whether your question has been asked before!

What can I do if my question isn’t answered?

If your question hasn’t been answered, it may be due for inclusion in the next round of clinic posts. However, if your question has been asked before, you have your answer! Please use the search option or category list to check before you submit a question.

Do I have to agree to my site being named?

For the Surgery, you must agree to your site being named (it would be a pointless exercise otherwise!). You do not have to name your site for Clinic related questions, but it can be useful for other readers if they can put it into context with a real site. All sites submitted to the Surgery will be checked to confirm that you are the owner, or that you have the owner’s permission.

What if I don’t like/agree with the answers?

Posts do not necessarily constitute a definitive answer – many problems are interpreted/handled differently. Answers and critiques will be the opinions of the respective affiliate doctors. If you don’t agree, you are encouraged and welcome to express your views by comment.

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