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August 4, 2009 Steve

As we near the end of the first round of site surgeries, Steve sent in his mixed martial arts enthusiast site for review and asked the following:

“I have created my website, Martial Arts Fitness www.martialartsfitness.org.uk and would like to have the site reviewed.

The site has been active for less than a week, and the aim of it is to provide the following:

1.  Deals for “mixed martial art” enthusiasts (and hopefully, get a referral)
2.  Offer a personalised blog with advice
3.  Generate interest in people signing up on the gambling websites in order to bet on mixed martial art events

Any advice on how to promote the site via SEO and other methods would be much appreciated.  I would love to make it a success with your help!

Thanks in advance.”


Kier MarstonHi Steve.

Generally the site looks good, you have some decent looking content for sure. However, the homepage feels quite cluttered, I would simplify it somewhat so that more content is visible per post. Maybe go for a more standard blog layout. Keep the gambling ads in a relatively consistent place in the template if this is one of the main focuses, and then deeplink to training equipment deals from within text.

As to promoting the site I’d look at writing some articles for article directories and also trying to get guest post spots on other more well known blogs in the subject area to get yourself noticed. Commenting on other’s posts, having a signature in your forum posts etc will all help as well. MMA is quite a hot area at the moment, but there are also a lot of high quality sites out there so you will have to really persevere to get noticed, but if you are passionate about the topic then you have a great reason to keep writing.

The keywords in your title for the homepage are currently very broad and as such you’re unlikely to rank well for them without lots of work. I’d suggest doing some keyword research and finding a more defined phrase that you think you can do well on. Each post of course should have separate title and header tags depending on the content in order to get the long tail traffic as you’re currently replicating the homepage’s title tag at the end of each post’s title.


Steve KennyHi Steve.

Thanks for sending in your site for review; looks like you’ve got plenty of content up there already.

From a readers point of view, I agree with Kier, it looks pretty cluttered at the moment.  Apart from the strapline “One stop shop for MMA deals and reviews”, it’s not very clear as to what the site’s main focus is without some digging around.  It doesn’t help having so much crammed onto the homepage, so I’d clean it up a little and perhaps restrict the number of post exceprts you’re showing to a small subset of the main categories you want to feature.

The top menu has a lot of categories, so maybe you could put your key pages up top (home, about, subscribe, contact etc.) and list the other categories in a sidebar (as you have done), but not so that it’s hidden way down the page where people are unlikely to see it.  That should help to give the site more of a structured look.

As you clearly have a lot of experience and a passion for mixed martial arts, you could make the ‘advice’ and ‘instructionals’ sections more prominent and really concentrate on adding some great content to help pull more visitors in; it could be a great way for you to interact with your readers and build a loyal following.

Another area that will help to de-clutter – the ads.  Some people may disagree, but I would ditch most of the ads to start with (too many banners/Google AdSense etc.) and focus on building your readership first, and then think about targeting some well placed ads/sponsorship when it’s more established.

Hope the suggestions help and best of luck.

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5 Responses to “Mixed Martial Arts”

  1. I have an mma related site but have found it hard to find merchants selling mma equipment with affiliate programmes.

    Do any of the doctors know of any I may have missed?

  2. Hi Joe,

    I had a quick look round and found a number of inhouse schemes which might be of interest:





  3. Hi all,

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my website. I do agree that the homepage does look a bit cluttered, so I’m going to consider either using a different layout, or streamlining the amount of information on the page a bit.

    The site has been going for about two months now, and so far, I have enjoyed learning about affiliate marketing. There is still a lot for me to learn, but I want to make the site successful.

    I want to thank the whole team at Affiliate Doctors, especially Keiron Donohue. His blog is what inspired me to take the first step into doing this!




  4. Hi Steve.

    You’re welcome and good luck with moving the site forward. Hopefully some of the other programmes that Kier has suggested will be of use too.

  5. Just saw a new program launch just for MMA products on POR: http://www.affiliates4u.com/forums/paid-results/118191-fight-superstore-new-program-live.html

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