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April 19, 2010 Steve

Dave operates an affiliate site called Primarily aimed at promoting automobile insurance, Dave has managed to rank the site in a decent position in Google SERPS, but is having trouble converting his visitors to sales and would like to ask the docs for some ideas on how he to improve things:

“My problem is that I’m pretty good at SEO, but I suck at affiliate marketing, and my site is a prime example.

At the time of writing, it is 4th or 5th in Google in an excellent niche, but I’m just not converting any of the site visitors into sales.  I get the odd adsense click, but no insurance conversions at all.

Can you tell me where I’m going wrong please?

I’ve ended up replicating this problem across other sites, which although some of them get good visitor levels, they have very poor sales.

I just can’t understand what I’m doing wrong.  Surely in the insurance market, I should be coining it in :(



Here’s what Lammo and Elaine had to say:


Hi Dave.

I think the key issue you need to look at is what do your users want/expect to see on your site?

Put yourself in their shoes – you’ve arrived via a search for “insurance groups” on a site called “Insurance Groups” with the URL “” – these people don’t want to know what insurance companies you recommend – they want to know what insurance group their car (or more likely a car they are thinking of buying) falls into. As far as I can see, you’re not providing them with that information, so most of them are heading back to Google (apart from a few who might click on an Adsense link that has the headline “Insurance Groups”) and you’ve lost the chance of a sale.

Now have a look at how GoCompare aim to convert those same users. They provide all the info the users are looking for, but also put a friendly (yet prominent) single call to action above the info:

“If you already own your car, or know which insurance group it falls under then why not compare car insurance quotes now? Otherwise, just choose a manufacturer (below) to check insurance groups by model” on the main landing page for the term “Insurance Groups”.

They then change this message to suit the user once they drill down to the car they are looking to buy. Once they’ve found out that their dream Porsche 911 is in Insurance Group 20, the next question they want to know is “ok, so how much is that gonna cost me” – look at the call to action now:

“Use our free car insurance comparison tool to find the best policy for your Porsche 911. Compare Porsche 911 car insurance quotes now.”

Now, as an affiliate you could add a second call to action here if you wish (I wouldn’t advise adding too many or you’ll mix the message and lose the sales) along the lines of “Looking to spread the payments on your Porsche 911? Click here to compare unsecured loan rates too”.

Above all else, don’t make the page too confusing, and give your users what they want!


Hi Dave, sorry, but the site doesn’t immediately instill confidence – there are too many Google ads high on the page – I would place them at the bottom.

There is no explanation as to why you’re recommending the various insurance companies, and the first one links to the Buyat home page!

It’s a good idea to have a top tips section, but there’s way too much reading – bullet points, concise and to the point would be better.

You suggest using online comparison sites – and on the same page promote ‘The Shocking Truth about Insurance  Comparison Websites’!!

You also tell folk to check the cashback sites!

You need to give visitors a reason to click on YOUR links and not give them a chance to visit other sites first – they won’t return.

I’d tell the visitors why those companies are the best, and why they should use and check out your competitors sites – just to give you some ideas.

Good Luck.

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