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May 19, 2009 Steve

Chris ClarksonChris Clarkson is co-founder of the award winning travel site www.sunshine.co.uk.  As an avid rugby player in his 20’s, an unfortunate injury caused Chris to exit the game unexpectedly.  Relegated to his PC and a stint as a Championship Manager addict, Chris decided to put his time to better use early in 2003.  Like many others, his journey into affiliate marketing began in the early noughties when he started to learn HTML and PHP scripting. 

Later that year, Chris hooked up with Chris Brown in the A4U forum, and together, they co-founded and launched Holiday Watchdog in December.  The site quickly became one of the UK’s top travel information sites attracting upwards of 1,000,000 unique visitors a month.  Fast forward 5 years to 2008, and the two Chris’s sold Holiday Watchdog to Trip Advisor for a tidy undisclosed sum.

Chris now spends most of his time on sunshine’s SEO and affiliate programme management.  As an affiliate himself, Chris has always known what makes affiliates tick, giving him unique insight into their needs.  A firm believer in incentives, sunshine and Affiliate Future have been giving away trips to affiliates each year through their very popular Barbados Incentive.  In 2008, sunshine rolled out the hugely popular sunPress plugin for WordPress, allowing anyone to quickly create a new travel site using their own unique content and the sunshine.co.uk inventory.  This culminated in Chris winning Affiliate Manager 2008 in the A4U Awards, and a Highly Commended award in Econsultancy’s Innovation in Affiliate Marketing 2008 for sunPress.

Chris’s areas of expertise are general affiliate marketing and affiliate programme management.

Welcome on board Chris.

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