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March 4, 2010 Steve

At 23, Mark is one of Affiliate Marketing’s hottest young talents, residing in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Starting out in 2005 (a year into University), Mark began to dabble with the net to find ways of making money to help with the years of study that lay ahead.  He began by setting up a matched betting website and quickly realised the potential that Affiliate Marketing had to help pay the way.  With a keen eye and natural flair for picking out an opportunity, it wasn’t long before he had built up the knowledge to turn his ideas into cold hard cash.  Roll on 5 years and Mark is now studying his for his finals in Management and Marketing at the Robert Gordon University but with one difference: Mark will be leaving University debt-free and with a mini-empire of successful niche and generic websites under his belt.

Mark currently operates in a number of market sectors including gambling, finance and electronics, and has recently sold off a number of his original smaller sites to focus on some of his larger projects and final year at Uni (where he may snatch a first!).  His journey has certainly seen him tread an interesting path.  Last year when attending ex-Dragon Doug Richard’s ‘School for Startups’ seminar, a simple “thank you” to Doug at the end led to an unexpected chain of events that now sees Mark embroiled in a new venture with the Dragon and Sháá Wasmund of Smarta.com.

Outside of studies and business, Mark is a keen traveller and can’t wait for the summer holidays to celebrate his new found freedom with a spot of globe trotting.  He loves football and supports both Falkirk FC and Liverpool FC.  Friends say he is permanently attached to his laptop and is always harping on about new site ideas he has come up with – but they couldn’t care less!

Interesting fact about Mark – his ubiquitous pen name ‘hairycornflakes’ is not an eyebrow disorder, it came about when Mark planned to develop a T-shirt site and asked his mates for suggestions on what to call it!

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Mark to the panel of Affiliate Doctors and we look forward to hearing more from the Hairycornflake!

Welcome on board Mark.

Mark’s Bio

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  1. Good stuff. I wish I’d gotten into AM when at uni with all that free time!

  2. […] so I jumped at the chance. Around six weeks ago, I was officially an Affiliate Doctor, with Steve welcoming me to the team. My first contribution to the site went live on the 18th of March, and there are a few more in the […]

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