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July 20, 2009 Steve

Following on from last week’s Surgery review of Mike’s site, we cover his second question in this short post about – a site that specialises in Guiding and Scout related badges.  Badge Freaks provides the majority of income to fund the Guiders website and Mike wanted to know the following:

Hi Doctors!

I’ve been thinking of adding a blog to my online pin badge shopping site, but I’ve not taken the plunge yet. My main concern is whether it adds any value?

Badge Freaks

I can see the benefit of being able to add the latest products and services, particularly the ability to explain in length what these additions are rather than the sort basic descriptions on the site.  However, if a month goes by without anything being added does it then look out of date and possibly be seen in a negative light?

Thanks for your time.


Kieron DonoghueA blog is basically fresh content to your site and Google loves fresh unique content so yes, you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD add a blog.

In answer to your second question you should try to add content to the blog as often as possible, ideally daily. If you can’t update it more than once a month then you’re probably right, there is no point to adding a blog that will only get updated a few times a year.


John LamertonHey Mike,

Adding a blog could add value to Badge Freaks – It can enable your visitors to subscribe to updates for the new releases etc., via email, RSS readers, homepages etc – You can also use widgets such as SpringWidgets to add your latest posts to other sites, Facebook, wherever your target audience hang out.

Of course, a barren blog with no posts for a long period of time can look outdated and reflect badly on the site owner – however you can schedule posts for the future, so instead of whacking 10 up in one day, you could schedule one a day every weekday for the next 2 weeks?

Adding a blog isn’t going to cost you anything but time, so you can always have a go, and if you decide it isn’t for you, you can always pull it?


Al Carlton

Adding a blog will give you fresh content (which search engines love), you’ll be able to ping other sites when you publish a post, and to me the biggest benefit is it gives you a platform to network with other bloggers. Link out to relevant blogs, this can be both interesting to your readers and will also attract attention from other bloggers.

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