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May 28, 2009 Steve

Steve KennyAffiliate Doctors is the brainchild of site editor, Steve Kenny.  As a relative newcomer to affiliate marketing, I quickly realised that although I had the brain, I lacked the specific knowledge to deliver the answers.  One of those 2am ideas when your head hits the pillow, I got up, jotted them down and went straight to work the next day, sounding it out with Lammo whom I met at my first A4U Expo last October.  I then approached the other doctors, and thankfully it was a resounding Del Monte moment!

Undoubtedly, part of the site’s inspiration comes from Kirsty’s excellent ‘Ask Kirsty’ series and the namesake seminar at the A4U Expo, but Affiliate Doctors has been set up with more of a focus on allowing people to ask industry experts across a whole range of skillsets.

I would like to thank Frank, Kirsty and especially Lammo for the guidance in getting the site up and running, and a thank you to all the doctors for agreeing to come on board and provide advice to novices and old timers alike.

Just one thing required now – your questions!

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